What we do?

-Festivals, Weddings, Birthdays, Concerts

Our vintage French crêpe trailer will bring fun and classic French « savoir vivre » to any event! (We can also set up a gazebo, if there is not enough space for a trailer).

-Corporate Events

Inspire success and teamwork through crêpe-making—and tasting—workshops!

-Learning French through crêpes

For kids of all ages—learn essential French phrases through games and songs, while making and eating crêpes! (See « Pop up crêpes parties » in the menu)

-Why Hopala?

“Hopala” is the Breton version of “Oh là là”! And oh, là là, are we ever enthusiastic about sharing our traditional Breton savoury galettes and sweet crêpes made of healthy, local ingredients!

-Are all crêpes the same?

In Brittany, where we are from, we eat savoury galettes made from buckwheat batter, followed by sweet crêpes, made from regular wheat flour. Every region has their own way of making the batter: Hopala’s buckwheat galettes are made from the finest of organic Breton buckwheat flour, salt, and water, which is then fermented.

-What’s so special about (our) buckwheat?

The buckwheat flour we use for our galettes comes from a small organic farm in Brittany, la ferme du Menez-Hom. Nadine and Paul Hascoët grind their flour with a burr stone (limestone), which means that the flour produced retains the natural oils, vitamins, and minerals of the buckwheat grains.

Buckwheat is naturally gluten free. It is also rich in vitamins and contains three times as much magnesium as whole wheat flour.

Eating good food grown locally has always been part of my life in Brittany.

We fished and gathered shellfish; we grew our own vegetables and made jam from the fruit in our garden. We ate a lot of traditional Breton dishes : savoury galettes, sweet crêpes, and ‘kig ha farz’ (a kind of pot-au-feu typical of Finistère). It has long been my dream to share the Breton tradition of making delicious crêpes, and moving to Devon has allowed me to make this dream a reality.

Being from Brittany means that making crêpes is in my blood , a family tradition cultivated over several generations. I also have extensive professional experience, including diplomas from the highly-regarded École de Maître Crêpier school situated just outside Rennes, France.

Learning to make galettes at the Ecole de Maître Crêpier

For us, the most important part of mobile catering is that it allows for a personalised, human contact of the kind too often lost in restaurants.

Our slogan, « crêpes sans frontières » means that for us pop up street food is an adventure meant to be shared. Our crêpes are unique and out-of-this-world delicious. Our crêpe caravan will not only bring fun but also tasty, healthy food to you, wherever you are !


"Thank you so much to the amazing Corinne and Hopala Crêperie for our daughter Bea’s 7th birthday party today. The children loved their French lesson, learning how to make crêpes, helping to stir and finally getting to taste them. Fabuleux!"

- Alison Hinch

"Superb creperie!! Please spread the word !!"

- Christopher Durney

"Scrumptious galettes today. The taste is delicious. We shared them all but Louis ate the Nutella crepe all by himself. Noone else got a look in. We particularly appreciated the taste of the galette made with Menez Hom cereal!"

- Anne Gore

"Watching the English win yesterday afternoon meant that we were all hungry for crêpes! Everyone took part in making the batter (and learning French along the way!) before we ate savoury galettes and sweet crêpes with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and squirty cream in Rebecca and James's beautiful garden. Thank you to the hens Phyllis, Briony, and Stella whose eggs were amazingly delicious!"

- Helen Green

"We had one of your amazing crepes yesterday at Totnes good food market. It was delicious and great welcome and friendly staff."

- Sabrina Palmer

"Just devoured an œuf cheddar galette at Totnes Good Food Market. Absolutely delicious. If you see their stall I implore you to buy. Beautifully made and totally yummy"

- June Palk

"Amazing Crepe! I had chocolate ganache & strawberries. So reasonably priced, normally these things are over priced. The Crepe was light & just how a Crepe should be, no sogginess at all. The lady & Man running it were very lovely & welcoming too. Definitely recommend this Creperie."

- Colette Bastin

"I’m glad we found you at Exeter Pride! We had the delicious and filling Vegan sausage crepe. The sausage was so tasty as were the mustard with fresh herbs! Served with a big smile, it was lovely chatting with you & we were pleased to hear you’re based in Dawlish. We look forward to trying more of your yummy food!"

- Hayley Corber

" Wonderfully scrummy food - and organic to boot, with vegan and gluten-free options! Just loved the buckwheat galette with vegan sausage (cheese optional): the Dijon moutarde gave it a real kick and the fresh basil and fennel rounded it off perfectly. The cloudy organic apple juice was wonderfully tart - a zillion times tastier than standard supermarket offers. More please!"

- Gilly Robinson